Heart's Content Healing

               Massage Therapy in Homer, New York

Annette Roberts, Guest Massage Therapist at Heart's Content Healing from October 2018 - January 2019

As a Nurse and NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Annette has a comprehensive education and understanding that combines traditional medicine knowledge with medical therapeutic bodywork modalities. She has an incredible appreciation for the human body systems, as well as for the body's ability to heal itself. She uses an integrative approach, while blending several modalities and applying Ayurvedic and holistic principles to help create an open and active-role relationship with her client. Annette is very excited to be sharing her work with you!

"I am passionate about guiding you back to an overall improved state of well-being. I provide a safe and professional environment, offering a healing session tailored to your specific needs. You will find total relaxation and compassionate care during your visit. You will leave feeling energetically cleansed, balanced, peaceful and closer to your true being..." 
~Annette Roberts (607) 743-2426

"Annette is simply amazing. Each time I visit her, she is immediately able to pinpoint the places where the most work needs to be done.  I can actually feel the energy emanating from her hands before she even touches me. Somehow she is able to communicate with my muscles and is drawn to problem areas, some of which I may not even have realized were an issue until she works through them. I always leave with more flexibility, less pain, and renewed energy. I've told Annette that I think there is magic in her hands, and I really do! She's the best!"

~ Lisa W, Ithaca NY